'Paul Megens a.i. art

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life in the city, #2

grandma in a yellow submarine


grandpa & the gator

grandma & her pet

ufo hovering in the jungle

girl on horse, #2

the miracle

old man & strange pets

that was definitely not a chicken's egg !

girl & hippo

little ballerina #1

little ballerina #2

the batman fan

strange things happen in grandma's bathroom

grandma & her chickens

grandma & her chickens #2

grandpa and his chickens

king T

angel walking the earth

grandma in the dentist chair

grandma & batman

make sure to inspect your cauliflower !

angry pig in the fridge with strawberries

scared old man with yellow hair

the yellow elephant

say cheese

little red bug

china girl & light bulb

grandpa & the cat

yellow ufo's over flock of red animals

yellow ufo over flock of red animals - #2

almost 60 years later...

Paul Megens
Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands